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How to Germinate Moringa Seeds Easily

You can grow Moringa by starting it from seed or from cuttings. I personally prefer to start them from seed, though there are some people who will find cuttings a better and easier way to grow their Moringa tree. In this tutorial, I will show how to easily germinate Moringa seeds if you choose to start growing them from seeds instead from cuttings.

When you start growing Moringa from seed, I prefer to the paper towel method. What you need is a microwaveable container, paper tower, a water spray and of course your Moringa seeds.
The first thing to do is to soak your Moringa seeds in water overnight. If you can do soak them for 24 hours, that will be better. This will enable the seeds to absorb a lot of moisture before you put them in the container.

Then line a couple of paper towel sheets on your microwaveable container and spray them with water to make it moist but not too wet. Put your seeds and give them spaces in between.

Cover your container but not completely sealed in such a way that a certain amount of air can still pass through inside the container. Then put your container in a warm dry place. There are some gardeners who use a heating pad but for most of us, you can place it in a cupboard, and it’s better if it is a hot water cylinder cupboard. Some people put them on top fridges because it’s warm, or if you have a desktop computer running 24/7, you can put it on top of the CPU tower. Just make sure that the external sides and bottom of the container is dry.

Leave it there and check it every couple of days. If the paper towel becomes dry (which is seldom as the warm air and humidity keeps the paper tower moist), spray the towel again to moisten it. Be sure that there are no molds developing inside the container because it will just spoil your seeds and they won’t germinate.

Given the right amount of temperature and moisture, you will see that your Moringa seeds will start sprouting in 5-10 days. From then, you can start transferring them into your growing media.

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